Mosaic Fray Collection Story

Inspired from the artistic influence of Japanese art of patching of old KIMONO fabrics to recycle and sewn together with beautiful coordinates of colors, cutting the better part of many different kimonos.

Our founder Ms Mieko Mintz says I've been making beautiful patches for kantha with local artisans in Bengal for many years. My collection always aims to be all soft to the touch of skin and even visually also it must be a comfortable drape.

The textiles made of Fray patches gives a wonderful organic feeling, feeling of someone’s love to these handed-down small pieces. These were once used with love. These fray patches are much softer than regular patch. The seams are not sewn in, it's sewn out which make it so much softer.

Not only the feeling but looks are also very natural to me. People are usually afraid fraying the fabric but this kantha technique sustain the fragile piece of fabric for ever. It’s amazing finishing style we learned and developed and mastered over years in the Mieko Mintz clothing line.

This collection has a thin layer of Wool wadding along with four layers of cotton and silk recycled vintage saris for Bed Covers and Throws. All the patches are articulately placed hand stitched with threads of tonal shades deliberately leaving edges to fray. These luxuriously soft touch bed cover is having quarter of a million hand running stitches that gives a beautiful puckering surface.

The look is graphic with a home spun feel and minimalist aesthetics.